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Caring for Jewellery: The Dos and Don’ts To Keep Jewellery Clean

Published date: 29 July 2020

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How to keep your jewellery clean. Whether you sell jewellery or make it for an enjoyable pastime, there may be occasions where either the components or the finished pieces aren’t in use for some time – if they’re on show for a while before sale, for example.  

If it’s looked after well, not worn too often and the right steps taken to care for it, you’ll increase your jewellery’s lifespan. Here, we’ve pulled together a simple guide to help you keep your jewellery items looking clean and in the best possible condition.  

Tips for metal items  

For any metal pieces bought from us, we would always advise the following before resale or use:  

• Store in airtight packaging. If they’re left in the open for too long a period of time, you will start to notice tarnishing. We recommend grip seal bags or seal and peel bags for effective warehouse storage. 

• If tarnish does appear, use a silver cloth to gently clean &  remove it. Bear in mind that cardboard, tissue paper, foams, adhesives and certain cloths risk accelerating worsening tarnishing because of the sulphur and other compounds released from the materials. If you’re storing goods for resale for some time and they’re left in their packaging, we’d recommend keeping the boxes and jewellery separate – and as mentioned above, keep the jewellery in a sealed bag. We stock anti-tarnish fabric pouches for storing jewellery and neutralising gases known to cause tarnishing.  

• Whether wearing the jewellery yourself or preparing it for resale, there are steps you can take/advise others to take to keep it looking at its best & clean. Metals may scratch easily so try not to wear them when taking part rigorous activities that may leave blemishes on the items. Burhouse would also advise that you don’t wear jewellery in the shower or bath and that you should take care if applying perfume and other alcohol-based products to your skin. And gold-plated items in particular shouldn’t be worn while in swimming pools or hot tubs because chlorine and other chemicals will affect their colour and weaken them. 

For jewellery set with gemstones 

The way in which we care for gemstone jewellery doesn’t differ too much from the above.  

Take real care when cleaning gemstone jewellery – it should never be scrubbed and don’t use abrasive materials that risk scratching the surface. You can use a toothpick to very gently clean & remove accumulation of dust or dirt. Clean gemstone jewellery with a soft cloth. And take extra care with pearls – don’t get them wet. If they’re strung on silk, water can damage and stretch the stringing material.  

Don’t store them near other items that may cause scratches.  

Whatever your reason for buying jewellery from Burhouse, follow these simple steps and keep it looking as great as the day it was made. 

Our wholesale jewellery range covers everything from basic findings such as earwires, headpins, beads, charms and clasps through to superior findings and clasps of high quality. 
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