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Demi-Fine Jewellery – Silver, Gold Vermeil and Gemstones…

Published date: 21 June 2021

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What is demi fine jewellery we hear you ask… Well let us run you through it. This newly emerging jewellery subsect of the market sits between plated costume jewellery and fine precious jewellery, often considered too expensive or precious to wear daily. In effect it is a middle ground of design led, fashion forward good quality jewellery that can withstand the ups and downs of daily wear for longer. Bordering on statement jewellery, featuring gemstones it is leading the trends in jewellery design. Think 9ct gold, Gold Filled and Gold & Rose gold Vermeil which is sterling silver micron plated with 18ct or 24ct gold and Sterling Silver. Often set with semi precious gemstones such as Rose Quartz and Moonstones and lower quality precious stones including Rubies, Tourmalines and Salt & Pepper Diamonds.

Classic plated costume jewellery remains perfcet for fast fashion and has only ever been designed to be worn multiple times with the changing trends of the season. It does not have the capacity to withstand long term wear. Natural oils on the skin, skincare products like creams and perfume can all quickly fade the plating off the base metal of traditional plated items. Demi fine jewellery with its use of better quality materials is capable of withstanding the daily wear many expect of their jewellery without the risk of wearing expensive fine jewellery.

However, all jewellery should be cared for properly and stored correctly to prolong its life ideally in a jewellery box or bag to reduce the risk of tarnishing. We recommend gently cleaning larger items with an ultra-soft toothbrush and clean water or specialist cleaner and buffing it dry to keep it in tip top condition. Vermeil items it should be noted, are still a plated metal and wear will occur depending on usage.

There are more and more brands entering the demi fine finished jewellery market and the increasing availability of findings and materials makes this an easier style to create.

Some fantastic rarer gemstones that would complement the superior quality of this type of jewellery include Pink tourmaline - A firm favourite of ours this gorgeous shade of hot pink is stunning with gold & silver metals. Larimar is a soft pale chalky blue colour perfect for summer and very representative of its carribean origin. Turquoise with its green/blue hues with matrix and specified mine sources on finest pieces from Kingman to Sleeping Beauty has a following all of its own. Diopside is a striking green, bold enough to give emerald a run for its money and also goes beautifully with gold tones.

Strong trends have emerged within this style of jewellery, large link elongated chain also refered to as paperclip chain and finer satellite chain featuring beaded stations along the chain are typical examples of trends that have appeared through demi fine jewellery styles and can be seen often paired with freshwater pearls or semi-precious gemstones in silver and gold. Ear hoops also feature strongly and can be easily added to with accents to create a celeb inspired look. To access finer gemstones at an affordable price try tiny facet gemstone beads for great value, as they can make multiple items when used with great quality components and are available in a vast variety of stone types.

Our wholesale jewellery collection features extensive gemstone cabochons and bead strands for more inspiration. 
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