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Infographics – Guides for Jewellery Designers

Published date: 22 February 2020

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Obviously here at Burhouse we're jewellery making fanatics, and supply everything you could imagine for making your own accessories and jewellery. So we have developed this guide to jewellery making where a visual reminder/infograpic maybe useful.

We know our customers are diverse, from practiced enthusiasts right through to commercial clients. But we also know that we have plenty of people buying from us who are just starting out and are keen to learn.

That's why we put together the below guide of infographics. Perfect for saving or printing and sticking on the wall, hopefully they can give you some help in future projects and help to guide you with your design info!

Please also check out our other blog posts which go into further details for some of these areas such as our Guide to Chakras, Meaning of birthstones

Please feel free to use these as a guide for referral and remember to refer back to these as you progress in your jewellery design journey. We're happy for you to share these but please credit @burhouse if you do. Thanks 


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