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Ideas for Making and Selling Easter Jewellery

Published date: 25 March 2020

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As Easter Sunday approaches, we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and the ‘defeat of evil’ forever – something which we can all too much resonate with amid the current global crisis. While the ‘easter egg’ has become a symbol of a treat after people have cut back on certain foods for lent – bunnies, rabbits and lambs are now also synonymous with easter because it is springtime when they are usually born and so they are renowned as a symbol of ‘new life’. 

Of course retail is currently going through unprecedented times because of the coronovirus pandemic and we're all finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory. However, you can still reach out to online shoppers ahead of the easter holiday and provide inspiration to give the gift of jewellery amidst the crisis...

Easter bunny jewellery

The easter bunny has long been a well-known representation of this much-loved public holiday. Legend has it that the easter bunny would lay, decorate and hide its eggs – today this is a key staple activity among families celebrating! Incorporating the bunny into your easter collections could serve to open your products up to a much younger audience. Opt for cute bunny charms or eggs symbolised by beads to present an Easter-style look and feel.

Easter necklaces and bracelets

Crosses are a popular option to incorporate intoyour collections for Easter. With its direct link to Jesus and the resurrection, many people hold the symbol of the cross close to their heart. Consider producing a necklace or bracelet with a cross charm front and centre, for example.

As Easter is largely around a celebration of life, the heart also wholly symbolises this and would be a well-received pendant to work into your Easter jewellery offering. See our range of heart pendants for more inspiration. Consider offering a bespoke service by allowing customers to select personalised bracelets with a mix of charms.  


How to promote your easter jewellery collection.

Ensure you endorse the benefits of giving the gift of jewellery this Easter. We recommend the following to drum up some excitement among your audiences: 

• An Instagram or YouTube video showing you making the Easter collections. Talk people through why an item of jewellery might be a more precious gift as opposed to more chocolate (they last longer, can be personalised, hold more sentimental value and so on).

• Can you offer a discount on key lines a week before Easter Sunday, for example?

• Create a new category on your website for speciality ‘Easter jewellery’ and ensure you update both social media and website assets to be in line with an Easter aesthetic (pastels, bows and ribbons, bunnies and chicks).

If you’re looking for further advice on making jewellery for the Easter holiday and other events throughout the year, or general jewellery making business advice, please get in touch. We stock an extensive range of wholesale jewellery for every occasion. 


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