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Caring for Jewellery

We appreciate many of our customers may store our products for some time before use or have items on show for some time before sale.

We would advise the following for metal items purchased from us.

Please store these in airtight packaging until use. Grip seal bags work well, we use these or seal and peel bags to store items in the warehouse successfully for long periods of time. Once items are left in the open you will see tarnish appearing. Tarnish can be removed by gently cleaning with a silver cloth, we would advise against silver dip where gemstones are set in a product as it can damage the stone. But if using silver dip ensure the item is washed in water afterwards to remove the solution and dried thoroughly.
Cardboard, tissue paper, certain cloths, foams and adhesives can accelerate tarnishing due to the sulphur and other tarnishing causing compounds released from these materials. This can affect goods supplied in jewellery packaging and left stored in these for some time. Therefore, we would advise if you are supplying goods for sale to supply the boxes and jewellery separately and keep the jewellery in a sealed bag whilst in storage. Please see Assay Office website for further details.

Anti Tarnishing

Anti-tarnish tabs and bags are available to purchase these neutralise gases that are known to cause tarnishing and can be used in the storage of jewellery. These are available from our Beading supplies section, under InterCept Anti Tarnish. Our Plated Components are plated to a high quality, but with all costume jewellery these are not intended to be worn every day. With repeated heavy wear the plating will become damaged and wear off more quickly.

Care should be taken when wearing jewellery, we would advise to not wear jewellery in the shower/bath and care should be taken when applying perfume, alcohol-based solutions and make up. Avoid swimming in jewellery as chlorinated water can be particularly bad especially for Gold Plated items. Different skin chemistry can also affect jewellery items and the rate at which they wear & tarnish.

For Pearls and Delicate Gemstones

Take care to store these away from other items which may cause scratches. Avoid spraying perfumes & makeup on to the product as this can remove the lustre & shine. So it is advised to put pearl jewellery on last of all. Clean with a soft cloth. Be careful not to get pearls wet as if strung on silk water may damage & stretch the stringing material.


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