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Quick Guide To Wire Gauges

Published date: 08 August 2019

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Understanding wire gauges is an art in itself

you may find that the measurements you are familiar with make no sense when suddenly confronted by a wire gauge, this can happen quite often in jewellery design as these are a measurement from the metal industry. Gauges reduce in number the thicker they are. There are also a number of different appliactions for each wire gauge as the thickness dictates what is possible with each gauge of wire. Popular for use in wire wrapping, where the wire becomes integral in the jewellery pieces design itself, this is a technique that most jewellery designers will have tried at one point or another and can be utilised to create bails to top drilled beads or to encase a cabochon. Through to thicker wires which can be used to create the base of a piece of jewellery such as a bracelet base or findings such as clasps. Wire is a very versatile material to embrace in your jewellery design.

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