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What Is Eco Silver?

Published date: 19 September 2022

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With a growing consciousness surrounding the environmental impact of metal mining, is there a silver lining to be found when it comes to the ethics of this precious metal? Here, we explore whether silver is sustainable and discuss eco silver, including what it is, why it’s important, how it's made and what constitutes eco silver.


Is silver ethical?

Silver is a precious metal traditionally obtained through mining. Only around 27% of silver comes from actual silver mines while the remaining 73% is a by-product of mining for other metals. Unfortunately, both mining practices can come at cost to the environment. 

While there may be exceptions, the actions of some mining companies result in erosion, leaving the mined landscapes with sinkholes. Another potential consequence is toxins being released into the air, contaminating soil and water through the use of chemicals and leading to a loss of biodiversity. Finally, some mining companies have been found to exploit people by having them work in unhealthy and dangerous conditions when digging for minerals.

Burhouse Limited is committed to conducting business in an ethical way and reassuring customers that they’re making conscientious buying decisions. Over many years of business, we’ve developed close working relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers, which conform to the requirements and laws of their own governments. We have visited many of our suppliers at their factories, have long-held relationships and friendships with many of them and - from our own enquiries - can vouch for their ethical commitments. Read our full ethical statement.

What is eco silver?

Made from recycled silver, eco silver is an ethical alternative to newly mined silver. It is made from old jewellery, medical equipment, electronics, giftware and more, and is melted down and reformed into workable wire, sheet, grain and solder. As no purity is lost in the recycling process, recycled silver is of the same quality as newly mined silver - but dramatically more sustainable.

The process of silver recycling expends far less energy than mining. In fact, Niton UK states that carbon emissions from sourcing recycled silver are a third of those of mined silver.

Eco silver jewellery

From ethical silver earrings and ethical silver necklaces to beads, charms and ethical silver rings, our range of eco silver jewellery is made using a sustainable and ecological bullion source, resulting in a mix of 95% recycled and 5% ethically sourced silver. 

Our eco silver is produced using ethical bullion sources, including Chimet. While there’s currently no external certification available in the country of origin regarding the composition of the material, Chimet is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (member number: 0000 3591) and is audited as such. It is also certified by LBMA under The London Good Delivery List of Acceptable Refiners as a responsible source. 

With pieces also available in yellow and rose gold plated vermeil, our range of eco silver jewellery offers something for everyone. These ethical silver pieces are also available from our wholesale jewellery collection.

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