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STS    Sterling Silver
GF      Gold Filled
SF      Silver Filled
SP      Silver Plate
GP      Gold Plate
RGP    Rose Gold Plate
RP      Rhodium Plate
BSP    Burnish Silver Plate
BGP    Burnish Gold Plate
PT      Pewter
CP      Copper Plate
BP      Black Plate
T/D Top drilled – Drilled from top for use with a peg finding
TSD Top Side Drilled – Drilled horizontally at the top portion of the bead
L/D Long Drilled – Drilled along the longest axis
C/D Centre Drilled – Drilled across the centre
Standard Gemstone Bead Hole Sizes


Bead size 3mm, 4mm  - Hole size: 0.8mm

Bead size 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm - Hole size: 1.0-1.2mm


0.7mm (depending on bead size may be as small as 0.5mm)


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